He’s a “Mind and Soul Mechanic”  “Randolph is without a doubt a highly professional person. I would recommend him to anyone who is going through a tough time or simply wanting to improve his life quality. He brought me back to myself, to a more confident, positive and more determined human being with no barriers or limitations.”   Testimony from Luis S.

Randolph’s focus is “self-empowerment”. Helping individuals experience life and perform at the level they were intended to live. Many times people feel they are being held back by past memories, events, and traumas and have deviated from their desired and intended life’s path. He uses his coaching, communication, and ministry skills in areas of goal setting, career path, past and present relationships, phobias, weight loss, grief, unwanted repetitive/recycling behaviors, and health/wellness. His skills also successfully apply to business/corporate setting and in sports mind performance in handling stresses and emotional intelligence.

Randolph…“I have been amazed at the results that my approach to personal coaching has had in helping my clients reclaim and get back into life where they want to be. When using my objective intuitiveness and delving into the clients unconscious programs, I find they are running emotions and feelings that are causing them to be “stuck” in patterns that are not serving them. So I help them neutralize those feelings and emotions and replace them with their desired feelings, vision and goals. Many times the results are immediate and startling as their focus shifts from what they have been doing and don’t want…to optimism and pursuit of what they most desire. It is self-empowerment at its best.”

Randolph draws on his extensive life experiences via his own pursuit of faith and empowerment through his yoga and meditation practice. But he is also pragmatic using his extensive 20 year background in the healing arts, occupational therapy, physical rehabilitation with a diverse range of practice encompassing pediatrics, schools, and acute, inpatient, outpatient settings. He has an undergraduate degree from University of Mississippi, a Master of Business Administration from Mississippi State University and an Occupational Therapy degree from University of Tennessee-Memphis.

Clients in United States and Worldwide.

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