How to Work with Randolph


“Healing is not a one time event or experience.”

From my years of experience with clients the most successful, deepest, long lasting results come from consistent dedicated diligent work.

My goal with my client is to not just get the client over a hump in life, but to help them back onto their desired path and continue to grow strong and develop as they walk their path in life.

The client’s issues and problems didn’t come along overnight. They were developed beginning at birth and have been imprinted, reinforced and practiced over many years. These old programs, patterns, habits have built many cross references and an infinite paths via the neural system through out the brain and body.

I work with clients to create a custom tailored package/series of sessions.

One on one sessions with clients:

  • 3 Month Package, 10 sessions
  • 6 Month Package, 20 sessions
  • Monthly Retainer Package
  • *Webinar sessions are offered in monthly series done as part of a group via Zoom.

(Contact me for Package and Webinar Pricing)

Clients are seen via Skype or FaceTime from your computer, iPad, iPhone, smartphone.



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