Mentally Replaying Emotionally Charged “Video Clips” of Your Past

John was sharing with me about his recent visit to his grandmother’s with his boys. One morning he was down in grandma’s basement playroom hanging out with his boys when abruptly he heard piercing screams and cries of distress as his name was being called out from upstairs. He ran up and saw his grandmother shrilling, wailing, and screaming at the television, “OHHHH JOHN…Look at THIS!!!”

John zeroed in on the TV screen trying to make out what she was watching. It was The Weather Channel’s replay of disturbing disaster video clips “10 Worst Weather Disasters of 2019”. Grandma was in distress, flailing her arms, “Oh My GOD…Look at this!!! OH MY…Those people are DYING!!! LOOK!!!! LOOOK!!!!  This is HORRIBLE!!!”. “Did you see that?” They’re washing away. This is TERRIBLE”.

John chuckled at Grandma’s distress. “That’s not happening right now, Gramms. That’s a replay. It’s not real. That was LAST year. It’s OK.”. Gramms was spitting furious at him for making like of her plight. “It’s not funny. Well it HAPPENED and IT IS REAL. OHHH MY…LOOOK at that!!! You SEE that!!! Oh my Blood Pressure is going UP” she continued railing in her distress watching the scenes of tidal waves, tornadoes, hurricanes, and wild fires.

On one level, maybe you could say making fun of her not appropriate because maybe she’s having early dementia. But that’s probably not the situation as she had obviously been sucked into morbidly having her emotions run the gamut by The Weather Channel.

But either way, my take is, what Grandma was doing is not much different than what everyone does, except it’s kept masked. Grandma had her emotional filters turned off and on display were her unchecked emotions.

Right NOW people are playing their OWN video clips of  “My Top 10 Life Disasters and Memories” continuously in their minds, 365/24/7, in full Technicolor, High Definition, Digital Surround Sound. They have only suppressed their outward expression. And just as the mind is playing the movies in their head, they are actively reenacting the emotions and MORE.

“More” meaning, every time you replay a memory it gets more vivid, stronger, rewritten over and over. Your body doesn’t know the difference between a memory, what’s not real right now or an active present time encounter.

Your body goes through the same trauma whether an event is happening in present time or in the recollection of a memory. The results are expressed in existing familial and personal relationships, health and business. What kind of toll is the replaying of the disasters of your life having on your health, and well-being???

What needs to be done is a release of the old emotions tied into those memories in order to be able to live life without the emotional pain and trauma. Personally I find the most effective way to release the trauma is through a modality that I have studied and specialize in called Faster EFT/Eutaptics developed by Robert Smith.

The release of emotions allows an individual to let go of the old hurts, traumas, physical and emotional pain and replace with new feeling of freedom and emotional empowerment. Then they are able to recall past events but in a way that they can keep the love, wisdom, and lesson.

So the analogous emotional IQ lesson here regarding Gramms’ watching The Weather Channel’s Top 10 Weather Disasters?  There is a way to break free and to not be emotionally taken in and controlled by the Past. Using Faster EFT/Eutaptics is an effective modality to understand that what’s happened is the past, it’s not real in the present, and no longer happening. They can learn from the past and move forward with peace and freedom into life they do want.

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