Mischa Barton: Deep Emotional Pain from Personal & Celebrity Scrutiny

Mischa Barton was recently hospitalized after her neighbors observed her trying to crawl over her backyard fence screaming and exhibiting bizarre and disturbing behavior.

Known for her role as Marissa Cooper in the hit TV series The O.C., she was only wearing a tie and shirt as she was hanging over her fence in West Hollywood according to TMZ.

She was screaming she believed the “world shattering”, rambling about Ziggy Stardust, her dog, and saying her mother is a witch as Mischa had sued her mother in 2015 alleging that she defrauded her of money.

Then she fell off the fence, crying “OH MY GOD, it’s over!!! I feel it, and it’s angry”.

Eventually the Sheriff’s deputies showed up and took Mischa voluntarily to the local hospital for psychiatric evaluation. They noted she was rambling incoherently.

She has been arrested in the past for DUI and possession of marijuana in 2007. Mischa was placed on involuntary psychiatric hold for two weeks in 2009 after she reported she was under sedatives for a wisdom tooth removal.

She claims the experience was terrifying as she does not like needles and didn’t want to be pumped full of drugs. But the media reported she was placed on involuntary psychiatric hold after she threatened to commit suicide.

Mischa has admitted that her “jet-set lifestyle” placed her under tremendous pressure and vulnerable to breakdown. The pressure has been enormous for years as she says the public scrutiny as a celebrity made her feel like her life was spiraling out of control.

Because people criticized her for being too unhealthy skinny, she gained some weight and then they criticized her for being overweight. If she was too skinny they said she was sick if she put on weight, she was too big. “I was never the right weight”.

Using this story as a case study, Mischa’s stress is no different than other clients I see whether they are a professional athlete or boardroom executive. Or the teenager struggling to be accepted or the over worked stay at home mom.

It’s all the same root. Not being able to handle the inner emotional pain. It causes turmoil and wreaks havoc. They become “avoidaholics” using whatever means to escape the dealing or feeling the pain.

Food. Alcohol. Drugs. Substance Abuse. Sex. Gaming/Video Games. Social Media. Exercise. Religion. Online Surfing…etc., etc.

If I were to see someone such as Mischa, I would begin by removing the current stress they are under to give them some immediate relief. Then once that stabilizes, I go into the emotional imprints from early childhood and later in life where their emotional coping skills are entrenched.

Once these are removed and uninstalled, I put back in what the client wants and desires for their life. Peace, safety, stability, empowerment.

But you have to remove the past and make peace with it to make room for what you do want out of life.

As it is, whoever or whatever process Mischa has employed has not worked well for her. Many processes and modalities keep the client in victim status. They also strengthen and enhance the stories of the past emotional traumas.

But I know from experience what results I get with my clients put the empowerment back in the hands of the client.

Who you work with matters.

Randolph is a Mind Performance/Life Coach who is Washington DC based and Worldwide helping clients through Stress, Emotional Traumas, Relationships, Abuse, Addictions and peak Career Performance.

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