How I FINALLY Got To My Ideal Weight

I finally lost 35 pounds and have kept it off. No Diet, No Exercise Regimen.

For years I would go back and forth. I would lose weight, but then I would gain it back even though I was sticking to the diet plan or exercise.

I have done everything from Atkins Diet, to Grapefruit Diet, to “Raw Food” Diet.

I have done Pilates, Circuit Training, Weight/Building, Spinning, Interval Training, Hot/Bikram Yoga, and most recently, Traditional Yoga. I have spent money or online exercise programs and health club memberships. I have rushed home from work to high tail it to the gym or to the yoga studio for a 90 minute workout and then home to measure out, ration out my food to insure successful results.

I would have great success with diets and with the exercise programs, but I would somehow reach a plateau and even though I was cranking up the intensity, the weight at some point would slowly creep back on.

After working as a therapist in physical rehabilitation for many years, I would see patients and clients who were fighting the same battle but losing. They would start a new exercise regimen, they would be set back with injuries and chronic pain. The would talk about the new diet they were on, but talk about how they would give in to eating what they wanted and would get back on that diet the next week.

For me, I had reached the age where I had to find something that would allow me to be fit and eat well without the drag on my schedule and need for rest. I had to find something that I could do and be safe, and not incur injury as I had witnessed hundreds of patients commit grievous fitness injuries to be lamed for life.

My most recent weight loss was 9 years ago when I began Hot Yoga/Bikram Yoga. The routine involved me leaving home 20 mins before the start of class, 90 mins in a hot heated yoga studio, and afterwards a cool down, rehydration and walk home another 30 mins. So we are talking about almost 2 hours.

To go with this effort, I began a “Raw Food” diet of juicing, making nut and seed milks, sprouting, dehydrating breads/crackers.

All this got me down to my lowest weight of 168. But around the 6 year mark, I slowly began to gain the weight back. I increased my yoga workouts to daily sessions and sometimes 2 sessions a day. Over a year I was back to 185 and with a few more month, up to 196.

But I had at that time began my foray into a new kind of therapy practice and coaching that included EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or “Tapping”, Faster EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). These modalities involved looking at the unconscious mind where the patterns and habits I would use as an adult were imprinted in infancy and early childhood.

These patterns and “programs” create and cultivate stress and emotional pain surrounding perceptions and experiences of childhood and our upbringing. Everything about the family unit and how they cope, survive, and deal with life to religious learnings, education and social and peer pressures. These are the roots that govern how we live our life, how our bodies function and how much emotional intelligence we have.

As I began working on myself, I focused on stresses

and belief systems/programs that were not working for me. I also focused on the stress and emotions around eating.

So I began to focus on the stress and emotional eating, and feelings around eating. What was going on with me when I ate? What was going on around me in my life when I wanted to eat?

Over the past 18 months I have lost down to 161, the weight and size I was when I was in high school and no doubt I am healthier than high school.

I did not go on a special diet or exercise routine. I strictly focused on releasing the emotions around food, and the stresses in my life. I eat what I want. I do eat healthy, chem free foods, organic and fresh as best I can buy. But I am not focusing on diet and I find I have a higher emotional intelligence in choosing what to eat. I don’t do any specific exercise regimen, but I do walk and do my own yoga/body weight exercises.

But I am skilled in my technique using the tapping and mental exercises.

Can you do the same as I have? Lose weight and get back to a healthy place in your life?

Yes…Contact me and lets talk about what that would look like for you.

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