Randolph’s View: Why New Years Resolutions Don’t Work

The New Year is 2 weeks away.

It’s that time of year when with the best of intentions we determine to make a new resolution. Lose weight, new relationships, new business, to do something different to change our lives for the better the next year.

Only 5% resolutions happen. Out of 100 resolutions, only 5 make it.

Why? All for our wishing and willpower and desperately wanting something, Why is that not enough?

Because the Unconscious Mind carries the software that will take in the requests, assess and make determination if there is a template to execute such a resolution. If the Unconscious Mind holds anything different contrary to what is requested, Resolution is denied.

Yes, we will try to Willpower our way through, but within a couple weeks the resolution is abandoned.

The Unconscious Mind is 1 Million times more powerful than the Conscious Mind.

1 Million Xs more powerful.

The only way to be successful with making a new resolution is to change what’s held inside. The beliefs, old programs, habits and patterns installed during early development and any other emotional learning added through life.

To try any other way is all in vain.

These programs can be deleted, uninstalled and replaced with programs to bring about the life you do want in life.

For Business, Career, Health, Wellness, Loving and Harmonious Relationships.

Randolph is a Mind Performance and Life Coach based in Washington DC/Worldwide. He is a self-described  “Mind-Soul Mechanic” engineering new vibrant paths for his clients lives for their Wellness, Health, Relationships, Career and Sports Performance.  www.randolphadair.com

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