How about some REAL Peace this Year for the Holidays???

The Holidays are meant to be a Season of Joy and Goodwill.

With the Season we get caught up in unpacking and decorating, cleaning and tidying, shopping, entertaining, parties, family dinners, food preparation. All while rushing about town in gridlocked traffic to picking up, delivering, and arriving.

With regard to work and the office, there is the pressure of year end deadlines.


All ends in chaos, stress, frustration and depression in our minds.

Office parties should be a time for celebrating the past years accomplishments and goodwill. Yet for some they are an uncomfortable reminder of disagreement, contention and being overlooked.

The Family gathering is a joyous reunion for many, but for some the proximity and established dynamics trigger recollections of tensions, emotional pain, trauma, betrayal and abandonment.

The Season is a time where many come together and bond deeper. But for some it’s a time of loneliness. The absence of love one, the loss of a loved one, the grief of a broken relationship. All is recalled and depression and anxiety set in.


But the truth is, it’s what we hold inside us, the memories and references that cause the discomfort.

The emotional pain and grief are there in a sense to protect us from being hurt again. But it’s a double edged sword as it no longer protecting us but destroying us from inside and taking away our joy, health and sanity.

As a Life Coach and Mind Performance Coach, I can tell you of the transformation I have found and experienced by finding a way to let go of past emotional pains and hurts and transform into what I do want and love.

A recent client amusingly, but accurately described me as a Mind-Soul Mechanic as I am able to negotiate their chasm that has separated them from their creative desire for the life they want and their soul’s longing.

I can attest from personal experience with myself and hundreds of clients that there is transformation on a deep level when you are able to let go of the past and replace it with what you do want in life.

The true meaning of the Season is Hope and Peace on Earth.

But to have Peace on Earth, We have to find Peace inside.

Randolph is a Stress Coach, Mind Performance Coach who works with clients on an ongoing basis. He works all over the world via Skype/Facetime. His talent is his ability to ferret out old beliefs and programs that are running the unconscious mind that are in conflict with and causing emotional pain in client’s life. Go to Contact tab to email for private consult.

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