Most Important Six Inches on the Field or Court is between the Athlete’s Ears

The Most Important Six Inches on the Field or Court is between your Athlete’s Ears…

So much of sports is focused on training and skill development and rightly so. But as a Mind Performance Coach, I’m surprised that little to no attention is given to the Unconscious Mind.

When I refer to the Unconscious Mind, I am referring to the programs and beliefs that have been introduced and imprinted into the Mind in early development and from there additional life events that are interpreted, assigned meaning and filed away for future reference.

The Unconscious Mind is the Gatekeeper to the Conscious Mind/Conscious Performance.

The Unconscious Mind is One Million times more powerful than the Conscious Mind where the mainstay of sports is focused and executed.

The unconscious is comprised of imprints of upbringing and witnessed events, memories, beliefs and programs downloaded into the mind and filed away for future access when called upon or circumstances align for them to be activated or triggered.

Conscious efforts are negated no matter how hard one tries because the Gatekeeper is taking requests and analyzing them by referencing the stored memories and programs.

What limitations are held in Unconscious?
Beliefs about Self. Beliefs about Life. Beliefs about how they or others play game of Life. Beliefs about Health. Beliefs about Ceilings or Barriers that can’t be broached or blasted through.

The areas I have seen are limitations in not being able to break out of a perceived block or barrier. For example, making it to finals, but never able to win the Big One. It’s often referred to as “Self Sabotage”

One common barrier is after doing well for a given period of time, all of sudden the athlete hits a point where they are no longer progressing and possibly even digressing. From my experience there are old programs installed in early development where they witnessed a loved one blocked or held back.

Another is where the athlete performed well in one level in college and not able to perform at same caliber level at professional level. I feel the performance level is there, but the app or software has not been uploaded for the athlete to translate this level of performance at a higher level. The skill set is there but no software or app to process and execute that skill.

Right or Wrong, Good or Bad, for whatever reason the programs are crucial for survival and living life, but now are outdated and at best were never appropriate in application for the times the client lives in.

The good news is this can be changed. It’s not magic, but with ongoing work, the undesired behavior or outcome can be changed to the results the client does want. Satisfaction. Joy. Success.

Much as an agent or coach innately sees the athletic potential in his player, I see the clients potential in their mind and what direction to take them to tap into in order to grow exponentially. To find their “LIMITLESS ZONE” as I call it.

How about taking a second look at the athlete and let me investigate what the issues, limitations and beliefs are subliminally hiding to keeping them from their success.

Who You Work With MATTERS.

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