Finding Sanity: the Return of the Body of my Youth

There comes a point when you need SANITY. I had reached a point in my life where it was no longer mentally reasonable or wise use of time to continually focus and obsess over diets, counting calories, diet fads, diet extremes. I’ve had many patients who injured themselves pursuing seemingly innocuous fitness routines, have corrective surgeries, endure rehabilitation, only to end up with limited activity levels and gain even more weight. I myself was doing Cross Fit, 90 minute Hot/Bikram Yoga, Circuit Training, Interval Training. I was at the point where I was doing 2 yoga classes a day.
I had arrived at the age where I said “I have to find some balance, where I am able to find a place in my life where fitness and diet is a natural flow. I’m fighting a perpetual fight to keep the weight off.” I would lose weight and then somehow no matter how dedicated I kept up the diet or fitness routine, the weight would eventually come back. I wanted to find a way, a life style where I didn’t have to live under the pressure and obsession as we all want to stay fit and trim.
As a successful life coach I was helping my clients in regard to their sports performance, careers, relationships, stress, addictions. I took those same principles and modalities and applied it to myself in regard to weight loss and fitness.
Basically I was removing the outdated beliefs, stress, emotional pain, inadequacy, fears where I was burying under food. Slowly as I removed them, the weight started to come off, a few pounds at a time over 14 months. I wasn’t doing any special diet, though I did eat healthy. I wasn’t doing any particular fitness routine, except I integrated movement, yoga, and walking as often as I could.
Where I am now, I am the weight and size I was in high school. By removing stress and emotional attachments bound up in food. I have never had a diet or exercise regimen get me down to this weight level and fitness before.
I have an opening in my schedule to take on 12 new clients over a period of 3 months or 6 months to lovingly and safely sift through their life and show them how to let go of the past, hurts, emotional pains and finally have the body and spirit they so desire.

Check out my webpage,, and email me for a free consult to discuss what we can do.

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